Everybody must know that standing in line at a Halloween costume store on October, 30 is a horrendous experience. If you had no chance to get a Halloween costume for your kid in advance, you should not worry.

As you know, necessity is the mother of invention, and sometimes the best Halloween costume ideas are generated from rifling through your closet 10 minutes before a Halloween party.

If you need some Halloween costume ideas for kids this year that will save you some time and money, then create these cute, quick kid costumes in a matter of minutes.

Poison Ivy. To create a Poison Ivy costume for your kid, you will need a size too large green T-shirt with jagged edges that will work as a dress on your little ones and a pair of green tights to create a simple Halloween costume.

Get an artificial ivy garland and wrap it around the shoulders, pull a few leaves off and secure them with pins in your kid’s hair. To finish the look, paint some green leaves on the face and sprinkle with face glitter and your kid is ready to go!

Chimney Sweeper Costumes. To reach that chimney sweeper look, scrape together everything from your drawers and closets. Chimney sweepers usually dress in pretty basic clothes.

To make your kid look like a chimney sweeper, all you need is to get a newsboy cap, a red bandana to tie it off, and some dirt, makeup, and a broom from your garage.

Car Mechanic Costumes. Being a car mechanic for Halloween is lots of fun! To create such a look, anything denim works really great. To complete the look, add a homemade mechanic name tag and a baseball cap.

Add some flare to the outfit by applying makeup to create some grease stains. To make your kid look even better, give him a can of motor oil and a ride-on car for trick-or-treating.

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes. Most children’s closets have a few red things, and whether you use a red shirt and a pair of pants or a red dress, the thing that pulls this Halloween costume together is a red cape.

Fold this square of fabric to fit your child and tuck it around her head as a hood securing it with a safety pin under the chin. This costume does not require any sewing that makes this outfit easy to create. As a finishing touch, add a cute basket.

Painter Costumes. If you have a creative kid, then he or she will definitely love this easy artist Halloween costume. Get an inexpensive apron for your kid in the nearest craft store and splatter a bit of acrylic paint on it.

To finish the look, add a wool beret. To create a painter’s palette easily, cut a piece of cardboard and paint some colored circles on it. Add a paintbrush, and your kid is ready to go for trick-or-treating!