Have you ever considered your little black dress as something more than just your go-to party wear? If no, we have good news for you! You may use it as the start of your next Halloween costume.

If you do not have enough time to fuss over a fancy Halloween costume, then a basic black dress can be transformed into many configurations easily.

So, open your closet or hit the local store to buy an inexpensive black dress. Here you will find eight great ideas on how to use a black dress for making your Halloween costume.

Costumes from Your Little Black Dress

Cat. You can buy a cheap tail and ear set from an online retailer. Make a cat collar from black felt or fake leather and wear it around your neck. Do not forget to include a bell! To complete your look, wear long black fingernails, paint your face with whiskers and draw a black-tipped nose.

Librarian. Spray your hair with white or gray color, pull it into a bun, and put on big horn-rimmed glasses. There is one more variation on this Halloween costume that lies in creating a sexy librarian. Keep a prim look with your glasses and hairstyle, but cut the black dress short and jazz up this ensemble with high heels and fishnet stockings.

Devil. To create this Halloween costume, all you need is a pair of devil horns. Either purchase some horns from your a Halloween store, or make some devil horns out of paper-mache and attach them to a headband. There is no need to make red horn, they can be any color – they can be sparkled with glitter as well! To complete your look, add a cape, devil tail, and carry a devil’s pitchfork.

Hag. Get a cane, wear a fake crooked nose, and add a shaggy wig. Stuff the back of your little black dress to create a hump. To add more flare to your look, thump all the young whippersnappers with your cane if they cause any trouble.

Wizard. If the weather is uncertain or changing, this Halloween costume is a great idea. Dress up in a cool black dress with short sleeves and add a warm purple cape. Apply some sparkle gel to your face and your hair. To finish your Halloween look, embellish a pointy hat with glitter, sequins, and other sparkles and add it to your costume.

Witch. Do not go as a traditional witch. Instead of a long black wig get a sassy purple one. Put on a funky fedora or beret instead of the traditional pointy hat and embellish it with some jewelry. Whether it is a long black dress or a short one, sew in a piece of fabric to create an uneven, jagged hem. To add a colorful touch to your outfit, wear a pair of striped stockings. Glamorize the costume with high heels, long eyelashes, and a black feather boa!

Zombie. Purchase a kit that includes prosthetics and zombie makeup, or design your own. This costume will allow for creativity. Shred and rip the black dress, wear torn nylons, or go barelegged. For maximum authenticity, walk with a shuffling gait.