If you are visibly pregnant in autumn, then you may be interested in picking up a cute idea for a maternity Halloween costume.

With the many options of Halloween costumes on the market, you can simply find an ordinary costume that comes in maternity size, or you can be creative and use your pronounced belly as a theme for your costume. There are many fun ways to incorporate your baby belly into your Halloween outfit.

The most common way to dress up a pregnant belly is as a pumpkin. To turn your belly into a pumpkin with your belly button as the stem, use some paints that are designed for use on skin. Go one step further by turning your belly into a pumpkin with a dark painted jack o’ lantern face on it.

One more fun idea lies in painting your belly as an eight ball, while you look like a fortune-teller. You can also be a baker with a bun in the oven painted on your belly. Become a mother nature painting your belly to look like the Earth.

To complement the outfit, add some accessories, such as artificial leaves, ivy, moss, or tree branches. For more fun, paint your belly like a fish bowl with fish in it and ask your friends to dress up like cats.

Make your mate dress up as either Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, while you wear all black and have your belly decorated as the Death Star. To spice up black clothing, add small stars.

For those women who are religious, there is an idea to become Mary and Joseph. Serve as a prelude to one of the upcoming holidays, team up with your mate and go as pregnant Mary and her husband Joseph. Would you like to become a construction loan?

If so, then make your partner dress up as a construction man, while you dress up in a gray sweatshirt and a pair of pants. Create a street safety “Bump” sign painted on your belly.

If you do not want to paint your tummy and need other ideas, then dress up as a pregnant bride or a belly dancer. If you are not offended by this, you could dress up as a pregnant nun with your mate dressed up as a priest.

For a fun play on words, wrap yourself up and masquerade as a mummy. If you like the ideas with painting, but do not want to paint your skin, then paint a T-shirt with that idea.

Being pregnant does not mean that you have to have a boring Halloween costume. Expectant mothers can have much fun dressing up themselves and their bellies for any theme Halloween party.

Be creative and enjoy thinking up an original Halloween costume idea for pregnant women.