When Halloween is just round the corner, you have a handful of things to do to get ready for the celebration. However, at the top of your agenda is a Halloween costume for your child.

Well, this can surely be a headache for most parents, especially when they are looking for something unique for their children. There are several kids’ Halloween costume ideas that will certainly spice up the celebration for your whole family.

You can either make the Halloween costume or your child on your own or purchase one at a local store or online.

Actually, this depends on your desirability and available time. Below there is a perfect idea to demonstrate that you can make a Halloween costume for your child by yourself.

Spaghetti and Meatballs. Start by cutting a hole in a red-checkered tablecloth to wear it as a poncho. Thereafter, cut skeins from a white yarn to make them look like spaghetti pieces. Then stick them to a tough paper plate in swirls and bunches with the help of a glue gun. Remember that a hot glue gun does a better job.

With the help of acrylic paint, paint some styrofoam balls for them to resemble meatballs. Once balls are dry, glue five of them to spaghetti. To create something like tomato sauce, mix the red and brown paints together. Drip this mixture on the meatballs and spaghetti Halloween costume you have created.

Thereafter, glue the paper plate to the tablecloth and stick remaining meatballs to the cloth as you please. Once the costume is ready, your child is ready to go to trick-or-treat.

Although, it looks interesting to create the Halloween costume, some parents do not just have enough time. If you also lack time, look for some inexpensive and simple Halloween costumes at stores. It is better if you browse online stores where you will find lots of Halloween costume ideas at affordable prices.

Here are some safety tips for the Halloween costumes. Whether it is a Halloween costume for a boy or a girl, it has to be safe for children to use. Firstly, it has to fit the kid properly for ease of movement and comfort.

If the costume is too large, it can trip other kids or trip the kid itself. If you are purchasing a costume from a shop, look for the “flame-resistant” label.

Most polyester and nylon materials are flame resistant. Therefore, even if you make a costume by yourself, make sure that you use flame resistant material. Avoid dangerous things on the costume. If there are accessories like knives, swords, and scepters on the costume, be sure they are not sharp.