Maleficent Costumes

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Maleficent Costumes | Maleficent Halloween Costumes For Adults & Kids

With our officially licensed Maleficent Halloween costumes, you are able to recreate Maleficent's rage and destruction. To create an especially realistic look, go for a staff and a horned Maleficent headpiece!

Have you ever wondered what made this woman so cruel? What drove her to curse a young princess? If you are brave, wear an Aurora Halloween costume and defend your kingdom from fear and darkness.

We offer adorable Maleficent Halloween costumes for both tweens and adults. When shopping at our online store, remember that we are the best source for the highest quality Maleficent Halloween costumes, like storybook evil sorceress Halloween costumes, witchy women Halloween costumes, tween Maleficent gown Halloween costumes, and others.

With our maleficent Halloween costumes, you will be able to hit the perfect balance of scary and cool. Just imagine those reactions from everyone at your next Halloween costume party.