Colonial Costumes

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Colonial Halloween Costumes | Colonial Costumes For Girls & Boys

With our colonial Halloween costumes you can become one of the following historical figures: Priscilla Alden, Miles Standish, Betsy Ross, George Washington, King Henry VIII, Marie Antoinette, and more.

Buying one from our colonial Halloween costumes, you can also become a generic characters that include pilgrims, British Redcoats, pirates, aristocrats, and others. We carry styles and sizes for all family members.

Visiting our online store, you will find a lot of colonial Halloween costumes such as pilgrim man Halloween costumes, colonial girl Halloween costumes, John Smith Halloween costumes, American patriot Halloween costumes, and many others.

There are also many various accessories to pair with your Halloween costumes, like witch shoe covers, colonial mob hats, pilgrim hats, raccoon tail hats, costume boots, and more.