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Egyptian Costumes For Adults & Kids | Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas

If you want to become an Egyptian warrior, then you should know that the ancient Egyptians used bows & arrows and spears. You can also become a mummy that is now the stuff of horror films. Due to this, mummies are perfect for a Halloween to scare everybody.

There are also Pharaohs, so you can get a Halloween costume for this look. If you want to be a queen, we have many Cleopatra Halloween costumes, so, with our Egyptian Halloween costumes, you can choose whether to be a horror-film mummy or a straightforward historical Egyptian!

Most Egyptians were dark-haired, so if you have blond hair, get a wig that is also available at our online store. You will definitely need makeup, as well. We have makeup kits that are easy to use, and let you create a dramatic look.

We pride ourselves on carrying the best Egyptian Halloween costumes in the industry, like adult black Pharaoh Halloween costumes, kids’ mummy Halloween costumes, women’s Cleopatra Halloween costumes, women’s Nefertiti Halloween costumes, and more. Here you will also find lots of accessories such as wigs, armbands, bangles, sandals, crowns, and others.