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Southern Belle Costumes | Victorian Costumes For Halloween

At our online Halloween costume store, we offer a wide range of fabulous Victorian Halloween costumes at affordable prices. To charm a southern gentleman, it is enough to put on a wide-hoop-skirted gown. Our southern belle Halloween costumes evoke the age of sipping a mint julep or lemonade on a veranda shaded by high oak trees.

If you lived in that time, you would need to own a plantation to become part of the social elite. At that time many things that were taken for granted are now unacceptable, such as slavery, for example. If you are going to experience a gracious social setting, wear one of our southern belle Halloween costumes!

Here you will find a lot of options such as Jack the Ripper Halloween costumes, southern belle child Halloween costumes, ghostly gentleman Halloween costumes, burlesque dancer Halloween costumes, sexy detective Halloween costumes, kids’ General Lee Halloween costumes, and others. We have also accessories like hats, spats, pantyhoses, bags with chains, and more.