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Viking Costumes For Kids & Adults | Viking Halloween Costumes

If you want to be a Viking or a Valkyrie for the next Halloween party, then you have to check out our selection of Viking Halloween costumes. We offer them in sizes and styles for women, men, and kids, along with fabulous accessories to complete any Halloween. You can be a regal princess, a fierce warrior, a Norse god, a Valkyrie, or a rough-and-ready explorer.

If you are going to organize a Viking-themed Halloween party, then you will have to have a skald to entertain your guests. Add to the fun with board games such as Nine Men's Morris or chess. Your menu should include fish (salmon or cod), pork or beef along with plenty of vegetables. 

When choosing a Viking Halloween costume, pay attention to those that fit your best. Here you will find such Viking Halloween costumes as women’s Viking Halloween costumes, adult Norse God Thor Halloween costumes, women’s Viking Vixen Halloween costumes, li’l Viking Halloween costumes, and others. To complete your look, go for accessories like swords, Viking helmets, Roman shoes, wigs, beards and moustaches, and more.