Easter Costumes

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Easter Bunny Costumes | Easter Costumes For Adults & Kids

Easter is the most important celebration for most Christians that commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection. According to the Western custom the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs that symbolize new life. We offer Easter Bunny Halloween costumes for bunnies, chicks, and lambs in sizes for both adults and children. We also offer biblical Halloween costumes if you are staging a Passion Play.

We can help make your Halloween party more fun with the help of our fabulous Easter Bunny Halloween costumes such as toddler rabbit Halloween costumes, baby blue bunny Halloween costumes, child tutu bunny Halloween costumes, adult Jesus Halloween costumes, lil lamb Halloween costumes, and others.

To complete your Halloween look, add some accessories like bunny noses, sunglasses, rabbit hats, bunny carrot accessories, bunny tails, and more. If you do not need a whole Easter Bunny Halloween costume, we also offer some cool bunny ears and cute bunny kits to create a look of the Easter Bunny but at an economical cost!