Avengers Costumes

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Avengers Halloween Costumes | The Avengers Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

Did you know that Nick Fury has commissioned the Avengers to save the planet from peril? Do you like challenges? Our adorable selection of Avengers Halloween costumes will have you ready to fight with Loki, or other villains that threaten the planet.

We have Avengers Halloween costumes licensed from the 2012 movie in sizes for both kids and adults, and in all your favorite characters, like Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Thor.

We also have all the best accessories licensed from the superhero team, like Iron Man's repulsors, Captain America's shield, and Thor's hammer. Even if you cannot save the planet, you will be ready to avenge it with our selection of Avengers Halloween costumes!

Our funny Avengers Halloween costumes are extremely popular among most Halloween lovers. Nobody wants to trick-or-treat alone, team up with your friend for a fabulous group superhero Halloween costume!