Green Lantern Costumes

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Green Lantern Halloween Costumes | Green Lantern Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

Would you like to join the Green Lantern Corps? If so, then you have to wear one of our Green Lantern Halloween costumes that have earned the reputation of the most powerful weapon in the universe.

The power ring has such powers as force field generation, teleportation, flight, translation of nearly all languages, time travel, telepathy, hypnosis, invisibility, ability to phase through solid objects, and more. With our Green Lantern Halloween costumes, you also will become friends with the Flash.

While waiting for the Guardian of the Universe to put the ring onto you, get ready for how awesome it will be to become a superhero with our fabulous Green Lantern costumes. We have costumes that come in sizes and styles for everyone.

We have light up Green Lantern Halloween costumes, muscle chest Green Lantern Halloween costumes, plus size deluxe Green Lantern Halloween costumes, and others. For a look at economical price, stick to our new Green Lantern Halloween costume T-shirts.