Harley Quinn Costumes

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Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes | Harley Quinn Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

Harley Quinn is known for her black, red and white suit. Now you are able to have the famed villains look with two different suit versions. One of the Harley Quinn Halloween costumes that we offer is a sexy two piece Halloween costume.

The top is a red and black tank top with red and black accents. The pants have the trademark red and black diamond shapes on each thigh. The second Harley Quinn Halloween costume is more of a clown-like version of comic book appearance.

Harley Quinn Plus Size Sexy Costumes For Halloween 2014

Choose one of these two versions and add our sexy thigh high Harley Quinn boot tops for a complete Harley Quinn look! Wear one of our fabulous Harley Quinn Halloween costumes and imagine those reactions from everyone at your next Halloween costume party.

Harley Quinn’s traits include exceptional agility, and strength, and immunity to many toxins. She is also a skilled psychologist and a gymnast. Harley Quinnis still so popular so we continue to get new designs all the time. Therefore, come back to check out the new arrivals!