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Little Orphan Annie Costume Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is the time when adults can act like children. Adults are happy to portray their favorite TV and movie characters. When you listen to the song “Tomorrow” from Annie the musical, you feel the cheerful optimism of the lovable orphan who sang it.

The good that comes from two people that care about each other the way that little girl and Daddy Warbucks did makes people believe that it exists in the world.

With one of our fabulous Annie Halloween costumes such as child Annie Halloween costumes, toddler Annie Halloween costumes, and adult Annie Halloween costumes, you can forget about your 'hard-knock life' for a day and become the loveable Annie, who captures the hearts of everyone she meets.

To complete your look, add an adult Annie wig or child orphan wig. With our Daddy Warbucks Halloween costume, you can also become the benevolent Oliver Warbucks! Whichever costume you wear, it is sure to earn you a standing ovation! When it comes to Annie Halloween costume ideas, we offer several options to choose from.