Garfield Costumes

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Garfield Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

Find a selection of funny and cool Garfield Halloween costumes and accessories for both adults and kids. We always have something suitable, meaning you will get ready for that next fancy Halloween dress party.

Our online store is the trusted source for the highest quality TV and movie Halloween costumes that come at affordable prices. With our Garfield Halloween costumes, every wearer is able to hit the perfect balance of cool and funny.

Garfield has orange fur with black stripes while Odie is known for his tan fur and dark brown ears. Our fabulous Garfield Halloween costumes such as child Garfield Halloween costumes, toddler Garfield Halloween costumes, girly Garfield Halloween costumes, child Odie Halloween costumes, Garfield and friends Odie Halloween costumes, and others allow fans of all ages to bring these funny movie characters to life. To complete your look, get one of our funny Odie purses.