Michael Myers Costumes

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Michael Myers Costume Ideas For Halloween & Parties

Have you ever wanted to be bad? Halloween is the one night of the year when you can be bad and people will give you candies for such a behavior. Try one of our Michael Myers Halloween costumes and become a movie character for the next Halloween night.

Michael Myers is known for his pale mask and his dark overalls. This character is often described as pure evil, which seems to have superhuman qualities. Besides wearing one of our Michael Myers Halloween costumes, in order to be the character, you have to resist the urge to talk.

 People cannot help being afraid of the pale mask of this infamous killer, which is why you have to choose a good mask to complete your Michael Myers Halloween costume. The pale mask alone is enough to creep people out, imagine hiding in a dark room and surprising an unsuspecting guest!

If your idea is to scare people, you cannot go wrong walking in the costume of this slasher film icon. Dress up in one of our incredible Michael Myers Halloween costumes this Halloween night for a look that is straight out of the movie!