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Scream Movie Costumes | Scream Halloween Costumes For Adults & Kids

Have you ever wondered about ghosts? Nobody knows for sure how they look like. Someone believes that they are the souls of persons who died and for some reasons remain bound to a certain location. We are not sure that ghosts exist, but we know how people imagine them to be like and we are sure that you can become one of them for the Halloween night.

For the ultimate horror movie extravaganza, dress up as the ultimate killer with the ultimate disguise – a Ghostface mask. Get a black tattered robe, a fake knife accessory, and the iconic mask, as well, or get one of our Scream Halloween costumes.

With our Scream Halloween costumes such as child bleeding ghost face Halloween costumes, child Scream Halloween costumes, adult mummy ghost face Halloween costumes, and others you will be able to hit the perfect balance of scary and cool.

To complete your Halloween look, add some finishing touches like a machete knife, an oversized fake knife, or Jason machete. Just imagine those reactions from everyone at your next Halloween costume party when you dressed like a ghost carry a knife. With our Scream Halloween costumes you will become the center of everybody’s attention at the next Halloween party!