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Smurf Costumes | Smurf Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

Life does not work out the way you need it to. If you wanted to be born a cartoon character, but you did not, you have the perfect solution that is our Smurf Halloween costumes! Our fabulous collection of Smurf Halloween costumes such as Smurfs 2 child Vexy Halloween costumes, child Smurfette Halloween costumes, adult Smurf Halloween costumes and others is the answer for all your Halloween costume questions.

With our unique and fabulous Smurf Halloween costumes and accessories such as wigs, makeup, hats, masks, and gloves, you can bring your favorite blue cartoon characters to life this Halloween season! We have Smurf Halloween costumes for all family members, including toddlers and plus sizes.

From Smurfette Halloween costumes to Papa Smurf Halloween costumes, we carry something for everyone, but you should be on the lookout for Gargamel when you are out there partying as a Smurf in one of our Smurf Halloween costumes!