Mortal Kombat Costumes

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Mortal Kombat Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

If you spend your much time honing your keen martial arts skills with the hope to be selected for an all important tournament and save the planet, then it is to take things into your own hands. Grab one of our Mortal Kombat Halloween costumes and become one of the iconic characters to use your lethal skills that you have acquired! You can become a deadly ninja, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, or the powerful god Raiden.

If you are a lady fighter, then go for one of our evil Mileena, beautiful Kitana, and deadly Lt. Sonya Blade Halloween costumes. Do not forget to add some flair to your Mortal Kombat Halloween costumes with our accessories such as masks wigs, and swords!

Accessorizing your style will not only make your Halloween costume look more authentic, but it also makes it more fun to wear. Whether you need cool adult, awesome kids or trendy teen Mortal Kombat Halloween costumes, our accessories will make sure your outfit stands out this Halloween season!