Halloween is a holiday when everybody’s creativity shines, especially their Halloween costumes. Whether deciding on group Halloween costumes for kids, adults, or a family, there are a great number of choices that run the range from scary to fun to sexy and everything in between.

Children are fond of going trick or treating in groups, and it is better if their Halloween costume ideas coordinate. Some fun group Halloween costume ideas for kids lie in dressing up as a box of crayons when they wear different color crayon costumes or go as group characters, like Dorothy and her friends from The Wizard of Oz or the Seven Dwarves.

Let your children decide on a favorite thing, like a cartoon, storybook, or even a food, and start out from there. A box of cupcakes or chocolates would be a very cute group Halloween costume with each child wearing a personalized costume.

For Halloween, adults can have fun, too, and their Halloween costume ideas can be scary, like a group of mummies or zombies, or vintage, like the Flintstones.

Girls and guys can have fun creating coordinating Halloween costume ideas for their theme. A group of girlfriends may put on a sexy version of an old favorite, like the classic vampire or witch; each girl can dress up in her own sexy outfit.

Family group Halloween costumes are always fun to decide on and may be a combo of any of the above mentioned versions or something else.

If the family has a favorite storybook or movie, they can go as their characters, like Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Wizards, and others. If the family prefers a Harry Potter theme group Halloween costume, then there can be Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, and Doloros Umbridge.

If family members prefer the Alice in Wonderland theme, then there will be Alice, Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. Some families like to get their pets involved with coordinating Halloween costumes; a cute Wizarding robe is a perfect choice for any theme.

When creating or putting together a group Halloween costume for any age, do not forget to accessorize your look. Every person should have a matching accessory, from a pair of gloves and socks to a wand, depending on whom he or she is going to look like.

Whether family members or friends are coordinating costumes, a group Halloween costume is always a memorable way to celebrate this spooky holiday.