300 Movie Themistokles Sword

9.99 $

If you’re going to be an ancient Greek warrior, you may as well do it in style! This 300 Movie Themistokles Sword recreates the look of the one wielded by the legendary general.




300 Movie Themistokles Sword

THIS IS SPARTA! Okay, so maybe we’re a long ways away from ancient Sparta and Xerxes is a threat of the past, but having a trusty sword by your side is still a good idea at a costume party. You never know when you’ll feel the need to wave it at your enemies in a threatening manner! This toy one is modeled after the Greek sword wielded by Themistokles in 300: Rise of an Empire. It won’t cleanly slash apart your enemies like a real sword, but it will still scare the pants off of any enemy you come across on the battlefield.

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