7.5 Inch Hallow Crow Globe

28.99 $

Get your bird on! This 7.5 Inch Hallow Crow Globe has a kind of adorable and kind of creepy. It’s the perfect combo for a Halloween party.




7.5 Inch Hallow Crow Globe

Who decided to call a group of crows a murder? It was at that point that crows started getting the bad rap of being super creepy and almost evil creatures. Have you ever heard their beautiful call that goes, Caw! Caw! Caaaaaaaaaaaw? Have you seen them flock majestically to a fresh animal carcass? Alright, so maybe crows are kind of creepy, but that’s why we love them and this snow globe that has a murder of crows surrounding one giant crow. It’s not really your Merry Christmas kind of globe.

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