A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Costume

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Become the prize that the Old Man wins from a sweepstakes with this A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Costume. You’ll get a few giggles while looking good in this classic holiday movie costume.




A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Costume

Sometimes when you enter a sweepstakes you don’t know what your prize is going to be which is what happened to Mr. Parker in A Christmas Story. When he received the wooden crate labeled FRAGILE and opened it he was taken by surprise. What he saw was something that he would treasure forever, a lamp in the shape of women’s leg with a fishnet stocking. Mr. Parker thought that nothing else he could ever win would top this prize he just won. The only thing was is that Mrs. Parker didn’t care for it. She then plotted against it. But when you wear this you’ll be unbreakable in this fun costume from a classic holiday movie!

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