Adult Camel Costume

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Allow your friends to travel through the desert in style by offering to be their camel in this Adult Camel Costume. You won’t have to apologize any more for spitting in public, because it’s just your camel nature!




Adult Camel Costume

Fun camel facts:– A camel’s hump is mostly made of fat.– Camels chew their cud the same way cows do.– A one-humped camel is called a dromedary, and is native to north Africa; a two-humped camel is a Bactrian camel, which is native to Asia.– There is a large population of wild, feral dromedaries in central Australia, descended from domesticated camels brought there as beasts of burden by colonists in the mid-1800s.–You will be the hit of your Halloween party when you wear this Adult Camel Costume.

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