Adult Dark Mad Hatter Costume

48.99 $

The girlfriend wants to be Alice in Wonderland? This Adult Dark Mad Hatter Costume let’s you be a creepy version of her perfect couples match.




Adult Dark Mad Hatter Costume

So, your girlfriend, wife or significant other found this really cute Alice in Wonderland outfit that she just HAS to have. Naturally, that means you’re going to have to be the Mad Hatter. That’s just fate, man. You picked her, now you have to pay the piper. The good news is, this costume isn’t your run of the mill, boring old story book tea party version of the character. It’s dark and gritty with a creepy I might have killed the March Hare and stashed his body under the table vibe. It’s the perfect compromise. You get to be something scary and she can’t bust your chops for picking a costume that doesn’t fit her theme.

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