Adult Ghostly Gentleman Costume

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When crypt doors creek and the tombstones quake, you’ll probably see this Adult Ghostly Gentleman Costume making all that racket! He’s a classic old timey ghost, and he has distinguished tastes in frights.




Adult Ghostly Gentleman Costume

Walking through a cemetery late at night you may see someone walking your way. This man would be dressed in clothes from another era such as a fancy jacket and top hat. But when you take a second glance at this spooky individual you notice that his clothes are tattered and he seems to be glowing white. And once you get closer to this graveyard gentleman you see that he isn’t as much walking as he is floating. When he catches you staring at him he will let out a terrifying shriek and disappear. Now you can look just like the ghostly spirit who haunts the tombstones in this phantom costume.

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