Adult Hoop Skirt

10.99 $

Get a quick and easy southern belle look by adding this adult hoop skirt to your costume. It retains its shape to add an historical look to your dress.




Adult Hoop Skirt

You’d be surprised how often hoop skirts are still used in our culture today. Weddings are the obvious place they’re used, because for some reason, the bride believes it’s a good thing to look as puffy as you can below the waist. But let’s not forget about gothic fashion. Nothing screams dark mysterious complexity like a ton of eyeliner and a hoop skirt. And don’t forget Civil War reenacters. If you’re the dame of some brave solider, hoping that maybe, just maybe, the South will rise again, you’ll want to be sure to have yourself an extra billowy dress. Whatever the reason, it pays to have a reliable hoop skirt around, even if it’s just for a fun Halloween costume.

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