Adult Iron Man Mark 42 Helmet

24.99 $

Make communicating with JARVIS a breeze when you acquire this Iron Man Mark 42 helmet. Wear the visor down to protect your identity or flip it open to reveal that YOU are Iron Man.




Adult Iron Man Mark 42 Helmet

Ever since the events that took place in New York Tony Stark has spent long hours not sleeping and tinkering in his work shop. There he has built suit of armor after suit of armor. Each one of his new suits contains its own separate purpose, some to be able to lift huge amounts of weight while others being able to fly faster than he’s ever flown before. But his most recent armored suit known only as Mark 42 has it’s own purpose. After injecting himself with sensors he can call upon this suit to connect to his body in pieces as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that sometimes Tony just can’t wait to have robots attach a suit to him if the world is in trouble. Now you can feel just like Stark when you finish off your costume with this Mark 42 helmet!

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