Adult Jackie Moon Costume

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Straight out of the Will Ferrell movie Semi Pro comes this adult Jackie Moon costume. The funny basketball costume is a great look for any costume or Halloween party!




Adult Jackie Moon Costume

You’ll look like a bonafide all-star when you’re wearing this adult Jackie Moon costume. And the only thing you’ll need after donning the orange, white, and blue from the Will Ferrell movie Semi Pro, is a handful of catch phrases. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:Bam! Pow! Straight to the moon…Jackie Moon.Yeah, sucka, you just got moon’d.I’ve got my own gravitational field…just like…the moon.Eh, well, maybe you should just imdb a bunch of quotes from the movie and go with that. Hey, we never promised we were great trash-talkers, but we do sell amazing replica costumes, like this Jackie Moon outfit.

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