Adult Salem Witch Costume

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If anyone tried to burn you at the stake with this Salem Witch Costume, they’d have a hard time lighting the pyre when they see your seductive smile.




Adult Salem Witch Costume

Salem Town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony was a gloomy place. Life was largely regulated by the Puritan church, which forbade play as a frivolous waste of time. Toys such as dolls were considered idolatrous. Instrumental music, dancing, and singing of anything other than hymns were also forbidden–they were thought to be rooted in paganism. Anyone who did any of those things, or even said they thought those things weren’t sinful, was condemned as a witch. And then if you happened to be nearby when someone got sick…well, our history books tell us what happened. Salem witches didn’t wear anything special. This Adult Salem Witch Costume is similar to ordinary women’s clothing of that time and place. A Salem woman might have worn it to church, if she went to church–that was another reason to be accused of witchcraft. Showing a leg, as this dress does, would do it, too. Be glad that times have changed!

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