Baroness Von Bloodshed Costume

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Let the undead fear you especially when dressed in this Baroness Von Bloodshed Costume. This costume is an elegant way to seduce any creature of the night.




Baroness Von Bloodshed Costume

One of the best things about being a vampire is the nightlife. Since that is the only time a vampire can be out it’s good that all fun things happen from dusk until dawn. You can party at any club you want by just putting the bouncer under a trance, which you can also do to the waiter to make sure your tab gets lost every time. And while some people are calling it quits you’re just getting started to have fun. After some fun dancing the night away you can hit up your favorite blood bank for an early morning snack and be in your coffin before sunrise. So give yourself the look of sexy creature of the night in this drop dead gorgeous number.

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