Deluxe Princess Peach Plus Size Costume

48.99 $

Princess Peach has won the Mario Cup! Now it’s time to go to the royal ball! Get the accolades you deserve in the Princess Peach Dress!




Deluxe Princess Peach Plus Size Costume

What’s your idea of a perfect date? Is it dinner and a movie with someone tall, dark and handsome? Or would you rather a short Italian plumber race against you in an intense action Mariokart Cup? Maybe you’d like to see your man jump on a bunch of goombas and koopas to save you from Bowser? None of those kinds of dates sound weird to us, since we’ve played a lot of Super Mario Bros over the years, so we totally get it. This Princess Peach dress comes with everything you need to set your favorite Italian plumber ablaze with passion for you. Just make sure you reward him with a giant cake when he comes to your rescue. He really likes cake.

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