Gangster Gun Holster

8.99 $

Your gangster or cop costume will look much better when you add this gangster gun holster. It’s the perfect accessory for your Halloween costume this year!




Gangster Gun Holster

Here are the keys to a great gangster costume. (1) Get yourself a great name. Frankie the Mouth, Lenny the Snitch, Stabbin’ Sammy. Something like that. (2) Perfect your accent. Think old-timey 1920’s. It pretty much requires you speak out of the sides of your mouth, always have a toothpick, and start conversations with Yeeeah and end conversations with seeeeee. (3) Lastly, get yourself a good holster. What’s a gangster without his chopper? Yeeeah, now get out there and make some money, seeeeee.

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