Gothika BerZerker Contact Lens

54.99 $

Don’t forget to add our Gothika BerZerker Contact Lens to your scary costume! It’s an incredible addition to any Halloween look.




Gothika BerZerker Contact Lens

Some costumes are all about the shock. Sure, it works initially, but people will get used to the blood spurting axe wound on top of your head as you have another glass of punch. If you really want to go for a good scare, you’ve got to kick it up a notch with some contact lenses. These will transform your eyes from their regular look into a dead white with red rim. While you won’t shock or freak people out from across the room, once they step up to you and have a look, they’ll be genuinely taken aback. Move over guy with axe in his head… these contacts are the creepiest thing at the party.

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