Sexy Villain Harley Quinn Costume

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Team up with the Joker to take down Batman in this sexy villain Harley Quinn costume! This also makes quite the devilish duo when paired with one of our sexy Poison Ivy costumes.




Sexy Villain Harley Quinn Costume

The Joker’s right hand lady, Harley Quinn, has a distinctive taste in color much like Mr. J. Now while the clown prince of crime prefers his greens and purples Harley is a bigger fan of reds and blacks. In fact every piece of clothing she owns is based on those two colors. This includes her classic jumpsuit with jester head piece but also extends to her fancier clothes. Because when you want to have a special night with your favorite clown you’ll want to wear something a bit nicer. Now you can look just like Miss Quinn on a fancy and villainous night out in Gotham City in this sexy dress!

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