Ok, Angry Birds is not necessarily a Facebook game, but with no doubts you have already heard about Angry Birds from your friend on Facebook. Below are some of the other games on Facebook that can inspire real-life Halloween costumes.

To most people on the Internet today, Facebook is a website they cannot live without. According to parents, professionals, and students, it is how they keep in touch with close friends who live across the country or miles across the world.

Others use Facebook to send instant messages to their neighbors, schoolmates, and friends, to keep up with important events or join new ones. And some people use Facebook just for playing Flash-based games such as Petville, Farmville, Mafia Wars, and others.

You may use Facebook for any of these purposes, even for creating Facebook-inspired Halloween costumes. If you are going to show your love for Facebook next Halloween, get your costume idea from popular ten of the most popular Facebook games!

Farmville Costumes. Farmville is an online simulation game where you attempt to grow a farm of your own. To earn some money, you have to sell your crops. As a farmer, you have to gain enough resources so you can buy livestock and more seeds for a variety of crops.

If you are going to show your love for Farmville this Halloween, get casual farmer get-up with several farming props and you are ready to go. Since it is Halloween, give your farmer costume a scary twist applying Gothic or dark makeup on your face and using red washable paint as blood stains.

Restaurant City Costumes. Restaurant City is a fun online game where you have to run your own restaurant. In general, it is pretty easy to dress up as a chef wearing an apron and a chef’s hat. For female chefs, to stand out, improve your chef attire, using a spatula as a prop.

Petville Costumes. Petville is a game where you have to take care of an animal. Your pet could be a cross between a bear, unicorn, and a penguin that depends on your preferences. Although there are lots of options for you to choose from when planning to dress up as a Petville character, you could wear the body of a penguin, a bear head mascot, and duck flippers as shoes.

Mafia Wars Costumes. Mafia Wars and Texas Hold’em Poker do not differ from each other much and are known for putting on sophisticated coats and glamorous and sexy attires.

To become part of the largest criminal ring, dress up in a gangster adult costume with a striped suit and a formal fedora in black. If only all criminals had such a costume as their uniform, every organized crime would be a fashion statement!

Fishville Costumes. Fishville is something like Farmville, but here you have to raise and sell fish instead of livestock and crops. To dress up as a Fishville-inspired character, get a smart, fish costume.

It is not enough to dress up as something that swims and has fins, you need to broach out of the box as well if you are going to stand out of the crowd.