Halloween can be scary at work not because of the sugar-induced behavioral changes in co-workers who overdo it on sweets. But most likely because Halloween is the day when the normal rules about what to wear to work do not apply.

Maybe you have already seen how your colleagues ended up inadvertently crossing lines that embarrass, offend, or gross out other co-workers.

When Halloween is coming and your co-workers discuss the annual Halloween party, you should probably think about your Halloween costume that you are going to wear.

Working in a relaxed environment and being encouraged to wear Halloween costumes the entire day is a great idea to have much fun.

Choosing an appropriate Halloween costume to wear an office always leads to some discussion about what falls under the appropriate Halloween costume category.

It is better to start off with the things you should avoid. Anything you would dress up in to a college Halloween party is certainly out. Sexy Halloween costumes should not even cross your mind as an option.

Chip n’ Dales costumes can be amusing if everyone is inebriated, but you should expect people to be sober enough to remember everything that was put on you. You should also avoid the tasteless stuff your mother made you wear as a child – low quality foam suits, clown costumes, or anything made out of old junk lying in your backyard.

Go elegant and extravagant. To become a winner at a work Halloween party, show up in something elegant, tasteful, and elaborate. Take your queue from pop culture, Greek mythology, or historical masquerades. Here you will find a few excellent options.

Go for steampuk outfits. Probably, you are aware of steampunk culture that is all about exquisite neo-Victorian costumes featuring fanciful fantasy flair. If you like mechanics, corsets, clockwork, fancy hats, and plenty of accessories then steampunk is definitely what you need.

Stick to masquerade costumes. If you like wearing fancy dresses and want an excuse to be as formal as possible, then stick to the old-fashioned masquerade ball getups. Masquerade outfits are elegant, tasteful, and require relatively little preparation time to get into.

Get one of pop culture outfits. Dressing like the monopoly guy Dracula, a Pirate, a Disney princess, or Ironman is all just as acceptable for you as they are for kids, but with a notable difference.

If you are going to make a splash, then your Halloween costume should be considerably better than the 20$ Wal-Mart options that some of your co-workers will surely resort to.